b'PIEDMONT PROPULSION SYSTEMS, LLC 18Specialized Services& EngineeringSPECIALIZED SERVICES In the MRO environment, robust NDI capabilities are critical to the longevity of our products. PPS performs Magnetic Particle Inspection (ASTME 1444), Liquid Penetrant Inspection (ASTME1417), Eddy Current Inspection,and the latest ultra-sound composite analysis techniques. PPS is FAA approved to manufacture specialized tooling and test equipment. From drawings to finished product, our engineering and manufacturing resources work together to ensure that tooling meets the required specifications and design it to provide precision performance and optimum service life.ENGINEERING PPS holds all of the required delegations, certifications and approvals from the FAA to design, develop, certify and manufacture engineered solutions. PPS employs a RS-DER capable of reviewing and approving major repairs, alterations and repair processes in conjunction with the local FAA. The RS-DER delegation is extremely rare, allowing PPS to write and approve Component Overhaul Manuals on behalf of the FAA / FSDO Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). PPS is an FAA-certified Production Approval Holder (PAH). As such, PPS can control the design, manufacture, supply chain and quality of parts produced using Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA) authorization from the FAA. PPS, acting under the authority of its PAH certification, certifies, audits and manages a large pool of qualified vendors in order to ensure high quality, short lead times, and competitive costs.'