b'19 PRODUCT LINE | SPECIALIZED SERVICES & ENGINEERINGENGINEERING CONT.PPS engineers have developed the following types of value-added engineered solutions:ALTERNATIVE/REPLACEMENT PARTS Design and produce a part to directly replace a material due to reliability issues, DMSMS issues, high cost, or lead time.REPAIR SCHEME Develop and certify a repair scheme, including the required technical data and/or maintenance manuals, to repair serviceable material in order to avoid scrap/replacement or to extend time on wing.PARTS MANUFACTURING AUTHORITY (PMA) Look to PPS for your PMAFAA approved parts requirements.We have significant experience designing PMA replacement/alternate part for third parties.ENGINEERINGENGINEERING FAA-APPROVED MAJOR REPAIRS OR ALTERATIONS VIA A DESIGNATED ENGINEERING REPRESENTATIVE (DER & RS-DER) PPS develops DERs to avoid costly beyond economic repair.DER is a delegate of the FAA administrator, who can review and recommend approval of major repairs or alterations to aircraftand components. A RS-DER is a DER who can also approve Repair Processes (including Maintenance Manuals) to allow multiple uses of a developed repair scheme or alteration.+1 336.776.6260 | piedmontpropulsion.com'