b'5 COMPANY OVERVIEW | FIRST AVIATION SERVICESSummary Repair & Overhaul Services15 Riverside Avenue Westport, CT 06880 | USA +1 203.291.3300Aircraft Component MRO Specialist Rotor Bladesfirstaviation.comFAA, EASA & other foreign Civil Propellers & GovernorsAviation AuthoritiesOther: Four Part 145 Repair Station Facilities Oxygen Bottles,1. Winston-Salem, NC Fire Suppression Wichita, KS Systems, Regulators, 2. Dallas/Addison, TX Crew Masks & 3.Hydrostatic Testing, 4. Kissimmee, FL Electronics & 1919 East Northern Street Three Facilities with Batteries, Structures, Wichita, KS 67216 | USAFAA Production Approval Landing GearAdvanced Metal +1 316.529.78781. Winston-Salem, NC Systems Bond & Composite turbinerotables.com Wichita, KS Repairs, Hoses2. evolutionpma.com Kissimmee, FL3.AS9110C Certification Four Locations 200 EmployeesQualifies as a Small Business for Government Contracts4400 Lansing Drive U.S. Army & U.S. Navy RepairWinston-Salem, NC 27105 USA | +1 336.776.6260 Source Approvalspiedmontpropulsion.comEngineering ServicesParts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) Designated Engineering Representative (DER) repairs Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) Department of Defense Source 3969 Merlin Drive Approvals (SAR)Kissimmee, FL 34741 | USA Diminishing Manufacturing Sources & +1 407.846.6780 Materiel Shortages (DMSMS) solutionsabsblade.com+1 336.776.6260 | piedmontpropulsion.com'